Are you a matured single woman ready to live a full life, create wealth and influence?

Let me tell you about Tope.

Within a few months of securing a very lucrative international job at the age of 37; her family descended on her. She was constantly reminded that she was unmarried, without kids and needed to stay with the job she had presently so as not to intimidate potential husbands.

Going to events became tedious because everyone around chorused “God will do your own soon”. Eventually she became too “busy” for most events because she felt she didn’t fit in anymore. Tope was miserable and tired; the fear of being constantly criticised and judged was too much.

Something decisive had to be done.

Through my REAL Solution Formula, Tope was able to;

  • Realise who she really is
  • Embrace her past & move forward
  • Accentuate her present; and
  • Live her best life

My Signature Solution - The Real Solution Formula - can help bring you to a place where you'll be able to show up powerfully, confidently and radiantly.

This is the framework that has helped me to create impact, influence and wealth, a place where I am able to help bring transformation to the lives of other matured single ladies.

Presenting the four steps of the REAL Solution Formula

Realise who you are; in other words, knowing who you really are. Do you really know who you are?

  • The importance of knowing who you are.
  • The benefits of realising who you are.
  • Why most people do not realise who they are.

Realising who you are is very key in discovering the REAL you so you can show up powerfully, confidently and radiantly.

Embrace your past. Not wallowing in your past but confronting and dealing with it so you can embrace your present and look forward to your future.

  • Knowing the importance of dealing with your past.
  • The benefits of dealing with your past.
  • Why most people do not deal with their past.

Accentuating your present – focusing on your present. Now that you have dealt with your past, it is now time to focus on your present – what is working for you.

Accentuating you – enhancing your image. Your image helps to boost your confidence. You need self confidence to be able to accentuate your present – live that exceptional life.

  • The importance of accentuating your present and your image
  • The benefits of accentuating your present and your image
  • Why most people not accentuate their present and their image.

Live your best life, live your life for you in an exceptional way, to create impact, influence and wealth. Live a fulfilled, relaxed, happy, enjoyable life. It is luxuriating in your life.

  • The importance of living an exceptional life.
  • The benefits of living an exceptional life.
  • Why most do not live an exceptional life.

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