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Are you a mature single lady and over the age of 35? Read this now...

Free webinar by TOP Self-Actualisation coach reveals...

How To Overcome Societal Stigma, Gain Mind-blowing Self-confidence And Start Living A Happy Life As A Single Mature Lady—In 4 Simple Steps

Dear sister,

Are you tired of living in fear of ending up alone and miserable in the future?

Have you pushed all your dreams away in search of Mr Right and currently live a boring life?

Would you like to gain your confidence back, defeat the fear of the future, blot out societal prejudices and live a happy and fulfilling life?

If yes, then this is the best news you’ll get this year

My name is Margaret Amu, a mature single lady. I am a Self Actualisation Coach and Beauty Specialist who has chosen to embrace her life’s purpose, live happily with herself and, transform the lives of other 35+ year old queens.

Join me for this one-of-a-kind webinar, titled;

How to overcome the stigma of being a very matured single lady and show up radiantly.

Where I’ll reveal the exact secret transformation system I used to transform my life and that of other strong women around me.

If you’ve been in the dark place for so long and desire to break loose… this is your TIME.

In this webinar, you'll discover:

The Four-step never-fail system for dealing with low self-esteem and rejection as a single woman and how to acquire god-level confidence
How I defeated societal prejudices, blocked out naysayers and started living my best life as a mature single lady
The hidden dark reasons why you’re not living as happy and as purposeful as you should…and how to conquer them all and become a live-breathing positivity magnet
A surefire way of discovering who you truly are and ways to harness your innate powers to create the life you deserve
How to use your past experiences to build a more fulfilling and amazing future
Could the way you treat yourself be the reason why you find it hard to attract the kind of relationships you want? Find out inside.
Meet your host

Margaret Amu

I am a UK trained Beautician and a certified MakeUp Artist from the top-rated American Makeup Academy - QC Academy.

A graduate of Bachelor of Arts in English and Literary Studies, I have been in the beauty industry for many years, working with top Makeup companies among which is the prestigious Mary Kay Ash. My experience also spans across Customer Relations, Administration and Protocol for many years in the United Kingdom.

Currently, my area of interest is to help Mature Single Ladies accentuate their physical and inner beauty so they can feel good about themselves and live a happy, purposeful and fulfilled life while waiting for their Prince Charming.

I am able to do this because this is the place I am now, a good place where I am now able to show up powerfully, confidently and radiantly, creating impact, influence and wealth.

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