For the first time ever...formerly unhappy 55+ year old single beauty specialist reveals...

How To Overcome Societal Stigma, Gain Mind-Blowing Self-Confidence And Start Living A Happy Life As A Mature Single Lady—Guilt-Free!

Discover my PROVEN system for doing away with society’s prejudices, overcoming past painful experiences and fear of loneliness… embrace your true self and show up powerfully, confidently and radiantly every single day.

Dear sister,

It hurts so bad, doesn't it?

It’s 2022 and being a 35+ year old lady is still considered a plague in Africa. Society makes it seem as though you’ve lost your worth in the “market”.

Social media and #CoupleGoals make it look as if you’re out of date or under some curse.

Relatives put you under unbearable pressure to get a man or suffer living miserably and lonely for the rest of your life.

And the end result?

A sad depressed woman who has attached her worth in life to a man and believes she can’t achieve anything without a ring on her finger…

A woman who believes she’s cursed and can’t attract or keep a man

You get a lady who sweeps her dreams under the carpet waiting for Mr Right to come out of the blues and save her.

A lady who tries all she can to survive in the mental confinements created by society and its evil antics.

If you’ve been hoping for the perfect opportunity to do away with all these pieces of dirty baggage…

And start living a happy life as a mature single lady (enjoying every bit of it), then this will be the most exciting message you’ve ever read in a very long time.


You see...

Many years ago,

  • I used to be that woman who kept her life on hold, waiting for Prince Charming to come save her.
  • I used to be that woman who lived on other people’s opinions and sought validation where it didn’t exist.
  • I used to be that woman who thought there were things I couldn’t achieve unless I had a man in my life.

But a little under a decade ago, I made a discovery that changed my life.

I made a discovery that made me kick all the negativity away and embraced my singlehood without the pressure of getting “hooked up”.
I discovered a system that made me focus on setting and achieving my goals whether Mr Right shows up or not.
And like Halle Berry would say,

A man for me is the cherry on the pie. But I’m the pie and my pie is good all by itself. Even if I don’t have a cherry.

If you're a 35+ year old single lady who’s tired of:

In a few seconds from now,

I’m going to give you the exact secret transformational system I discovered in life that turned me from a dejected lady to one who:

I will also show you how to apply this system in your own life and start seeing results in your life as early as tomorrow morning.
This system follows the exact transformation framework that the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Aniston, Genevieve Nnaji, Rita Dominic, Lisa Nichols, etc, used to block out the noise from society…

And have achieved major milestones in their life and are still living their best lives—without the ring.

Some of these ladies even had this to say:

I'm not alone! I'm with myself. And myself is fabulous.

Too many women throw themselves into romance because they’re afraid of being single, then start making compromises and losing their identity. I won’t do that

The transformation system you are about to discover will help you...

RECOGNIZE Your Full Potential…

RE-STRATEGISE to Take Action On Your Goals…

RISE to The Next Best Version of Yourself…

And LIVE the life of your dreams — guilt-free.

And the best part is…

It is available to anyone — no matter the background or level of education.

This is…

Your Ticket to A Life Of Fulfillment And Unending Happiness

Hi there, my name is Margaret Amu or you can call me Her Royal Poshness. I am a UK-trained Beautician and a certified Makeup Artist from the top-rated American Makeup Academy – QC Academy.

I have been in the beauty industry for over 25 years, and have been fortunate enough to work with big-name fashion brands like Mary Kay and many others.

I’ve had pretty solid experiences in Customer Relations, Administration and Protocol for many years in the United Kingdom.

But today, as a very fulfilled 57-year old single woman (yeah, I know I look half my age), I’m on a mission to help as many mature single ladies as possible, to embrace their singlehood and live their best life guilt-free.

The truth is…

As African women, when it comes to marriage or raising a family, a lot of us have been programmed the wrong way and also handed a script that is not only killing us but also affecting the way we raise the next generation.

We are programmed to believe that the greatest achievement of a woman is a man.

And, please hear me out…

Having a husband and having your own children is a great thing… and basically every woman’s desire

But it’s not the ultimate…

As a woman, beyond marriage, you have a purpose to serve on earth.

And inside this purpose lies your happiness.

But when you slip it under the carpet for the sake of finding Mr Right…

You just exist and not live.

And for years, I was living way below my potentials

I pushed back a lot of my goals and aspirations for the sake of finding a “man of my dreams”…

But when I didn’t see it coming forth…

I started to feel downcast due to the amount of time I thought I had lost.

As a result, I missed out on a lot of fun and happiness.

But one morning I woke up and realized my life needed a change.

I wasn’t living up to the potential that God had placed inside me.

In fact, looking back now, I’ve realized I must have been repelling a lot of good stuff that would have happened to me.

And…it was then I understood that I had to discover myself, take care of myself and most especially, start living a happy life… so other good things can start happening to me and around me.

And 5 years later, the story is different.

Today, I have young girls and mature ladies who look up to me for courage and empowerment.

I speak on platforms that I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to speak if I had remained in the old place.

All these wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t discovered this unique transformation system that’s totally replicable.

I like to call it the..

R.E.A.L Transformation Formula.

I’m 54 and getting married for the first time in my life… I waited for this man. And I’m happy I worked on myself and my future and PREPARED myself for him. And he prepared himself for me as well. Love yourself enough not to settle.

As the name implies, the R.E.A.L Formula involves 4 steps designed to help you get out of the sad, depressed you to a happy, bubbly and goal-oriented you — THE REAL YOU.

This system is so powerful that no matter what has gone wrong or how you’ve been hurt in the past… 

It’s able to transform your mind, pump in an unimaginable amount  of confidence into you and arm you with the tools you’d use to live a very happy and fulfilled life as a mature single lady.

It’s the exact system I share with mature single women at all the seminars and conferences I’ve been to and the results have been nothing short of amazing.

Think of it as a therapy session where the therapist helps you deal with your problems and offers you a solution.

But in this case…

It’s not a one-time session but a lifelong arsenal you’ll use for the rest of your life to do away with negative energy, discover your true self and live your life to the fullest.

The REAL Formula stands for...

R: Realise
E: Embrace
A: Accentuate
L: Live

And here’s a quick breakdown of how it works…

The Realize stage

The truth is…

You are not your name or surname. You’re not your nationality or race. You’re not your business or job and most especially, you’re not your past experiences.

There’s a YOU beyond what you must’ve believed your entire life and what the Realize stage does is…

It makes use of therapeutic questions and tasks (the same used by globally-trusted therapists and coaches), to help you come to the knowledge of your real self and why you’re the way you are.

It was not until I came to the full knowledge of who I am—not who people say I am— that I started to live a happy and unbothered life.

That’s what the Realize Stage did for me…


The Embrace Stage

“I show my scars so that others know they can heal”
Rhachelle Nicol

Before now, I used to dread remembering my past and all the wrong decisions I made in the past.

They seemed like nightmares to me.

But after I went through the embrace stage…

I realized these mistakes were not who I am but rather they were lessons that would help me make better and more reasonable decisions right now and in the future.

I learned to embrace those scars as evidence that I’m not my past and that those experiences were there to help me get over the naivety and cluelessness that many people live in right now.

I thought to myself: If Jesus didn’t go through the tribulations, He wouldn’t have known the weight of sin and His mission would have been incomplete.

The Embrace Stage helped me get over my regrets, deal with them, overcome the fear of ending up alone and turn them into fuels that propel me to a happy future.

And that’s exactly what it will do for you


The Accentuate Stage

“For me, it’s about living in this moment, the best that I can. For the first time in my life, I’m content.”Cameron Diaz (Actress)

Once you’re done dealing with your past and discovering who you are…

The next step is to focus on the present and enhance your image… which is what the accentuate stage of the REAL formula does for you.

Here, you’ll discover how to set new goals for yourself.

Not goals that depend on other people’s opinions or validations but goals that mean something to you and ties into your life’s purpose.

It could be to take yourself on multiple vacations in a year, achieve new career milestones, build healthier relationships, make new goal-driven friends, build healthier relationships and so on….

It also helps you to enhance your image and discover ways to stand out from the crowd.

Before now, I paid little to no attention to what I put in and on my body.

But the moment I passed through the Accentuate Stage, I realized that what I put on my body is as important as what I put in it

Now, I carry myself in such a manner that people are easily magnetised by the aura I carry with me.

That’s what Accentuating yourself can do to you.

After this, you move to the final stage of the REAL formula…

The LIVE Stage

“It’s about learning how to be just with yourself and that you don’t need to be in a relationship. You don’t need anyone around to fulfil you”Jayden (Supermodel)

To be honest, this is my favourite stage…

Because, right now, you feel as fresh as a newborn.

Your priorities are right.

Your opinion about yourself has totally changed.

You know who you are and what you want

Your Confidence level is at an all-time high and most especially, you’re happy with the woman you’ve become in such a short time.

At this stage, you’ve learned how to live in harmony and joy with your new-found self.

You’ve discovered how to attract the right kind of people into your life and achieve your dreams using all the tools at your disposal.

You’ve become the total package that’ll even attract the RIGHT KIND of man into your life…

Because, to be honest, no high-quality human would love to associate with an insecure and confused adult.

So, at this point, you’re a magnet for happiness, good life, healthy relationships and great opportunities.

And there you have it…

My four transformational steps: Realize, Embrace, Accentuate, and Live….

Or REAL for short.

This simple transformation formula changed my life because unlike the motivational and inspiration hype I had been trying before,

The REAL formula gave me a full PROVEN GAME PLAN that didn’t just transform my mind but also made me love my life, appreciate the things I have and commit to making my stay on earth a memorable and fulfilling one.

Today, I help ladies just like myself change their lives and live happily without giving up on their dreams and goals.

But here’s the thing…

Moving from your dark corner into a place of light can be a daunting and frustrating task and could take a very long time (if unguided)

The popular saying that “You can take someone out of the ghetto but can’t take the ghetto out of them” holds true on other subjects especially this one…

A lot of ladies have tried to do it on their own through self-motivation and have ended up right where they started from…because they didn’t deal with the real things holding them back.

That’s why having a guide, a shoulder to lean on and a support system is the best gift you’ll get at this point in your lifetime and will also help to fast track your results.

This is what many of us needed earlier in our lives, but it is as rare in this part of the world as a hen’s tooth.

But not anymore…

I’m ready to work one-on-one with you on this journey!!!

“I’m figuring out a lot of stuff right now. I think as a woman it’s in our nature to nurture someone else. Sometimes at the expense of ourselves.
Emilia Clarke 


The Radiant Life Program
by Her Royal Poshness

A 6-week transformational group coaching program designed to help you: the shortest time humanly possible.
This 6 weeks coaching programme is specifically for every mature single lady who:
After this coaching program, you’d never have to live your life on other people's opinions anymore.
You'll gain fierce confidence to live the life you desire and show up powerfully and radiantly — for the rest of your life.

Here’s a sneak peek into the four power-Packed modules strategically spread across the 6 weeks of this program…

Module 1

Unleash, Love and Affirm

This module is divided into three mindblowing segments:

  1. Unleash (Self-Discovery): The first step in your transformation journey is in finding out who you are.
    Not who your parents say you are.
    Not who your experiences say you are.
    Not who your former relationships or career say you are.
    But who you were created to be.
    Here, I’ll work one-on-one with you to uncover the REAL YOU that God has created you to be; then we move to…
  1. Love (Self-love): If you love something—like really love it, you’ll take care of it and make sure it doesn’t get hurt.
    But the problem with us single ladies (and women in general) is that we love every other thing but ourselves.
    We pay almost no attention to our spiritual, emotional and physical health for the sake of others.
    But not anymore, I’m going to personally help you discover unimaginable ways to love yourself daily.
    Love your skin. Love your life and love your soul.
  1. Affirm (Self Positivity): You know, you can’t drive a nail into the wood in one hit. You need to hit it multiple times and that’s exactly what the Affirm lesson will do to you.
    I’ll give you my own proven secrets for living a positive and cheerful life as a mature lady…where you wake up every day with a drive to LIVE and achieve your goals—no matter what.

And at the end of this module, you’d discover who you truly are, ways to love yourself unconditionally and how to start each day with a blinding glow on your face.

Module 2

Deal With Your Past, Embrace Your Present

This module is also divided into three different parts:
  1. Self Care: you’ll discover how to deal with your past—no matter how dirty or hurtful it was.
    You’ll also discover how to extract lifelong lessons from your past experiences that will fuel your new life of happiness and fulfilment.
  1. Control: One of the greatest weapons of a strong woman is control.

    Being able to take the driver’s seat in her life and decide what happens in it or not.

    In this program, I’ll show you how to become the pilot of your own life, how to navigate successfully through future choices without fear of judgement from society.

  1. Self-motivation: Here, I’ll show you how to embrace the present and how to show up every single day with enough drive to chase after your goals and dreams and achieve them as well.
At the end of this module, you’ll discover how to do away with negative past life and how to embrace the future and also live in the present.

Module 3

Focus and Enhance

This module will focus on helping you focus on the present. You’ll discover ways to manage your life…so every day feels new and fulfilling to you.

Here, you’ll also discover how to enhance your self-image.

I’ve learned in life that the image you give yourself determines the level of drive and confidence you have in yourself. If you want a better rush of energy and confidence, then you need to improve your image by conquering your fears and embracing the good stuff that’s ahead.

And that’s exactly what I’ll help you do in this module.

Module 4

Live In The New

In this module, you’ll discover how to live your new life, how to enjoy the progress you’ve just made and ultimately, show up more vibrantly than ever.

Here, I’ll also show you how to focus on the future and harness your overflowing potentials and how to set new goals for yourself.

At the end of this module…

  • You’ll become a breathing magnet for good things and relationships.
  • You’ll wake up every day with confidence and assurance that you are more than what life may throw at you.
  • You’ll discover how to show up looking your best with a glow that lights up the room.

In fact, at the end of this module, you’ll have an entirely new outlook on life, goals and relationships.

After going through this program...

There Is Absolutely No Sane Reason Why You Shouldn’t Be Living Your Best LIFE And Achieving Major Milestones After The First Few Weeks of This Program

And we’re not even done yet. Not by a longshot…

It’s one thing to show. It’s another thing to lead.

In our weekly calls, I’ll personally lead you to your desired destination. We’ll hop on weekly calls where I’ll assess your progress, find out your lapses and also help you overcome them at once.

It’s something I never got during my transformation journey, but I’m glad I’ll do that for you.

One of the major tricks of the mind (when undergoing a change) is to make you believe you’re making progress when in actual sense you aren’t.

I’ll hop on a call with you every week of the program, to keep you accountable and make sure you carry out every task you have and ultimately achieve the transformation you desire.

In actual group therapy consultation, these checks and support can go up to $30 per hour. But here, you’ll get 6 weeks of group accountability checks and support where we’ll dig into our problems, solve them, and discover new ways to live happily and fulfilled.

“If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go FAR, go together”

My goal for you isn’t just to get to your destination fast but also be able to sustain this change for the longest time possible…

That’s why you’ll join a group of strong women, like yourself, who want the same thing and want the same transformation that you do.

The goal is to help you bond with fellow queens and build long-lasting supportive relationships that’ll help you in future.

The girl-power in this group is untamed!

This is about everything you’ll ever need to go from an unconfident, sad lady to becoming that woman of drive, passion and radiating happiness.

So, again, let’s recap

  • The Radiant Life 6-Week Transformation Program by Coach Margaret (All 4 modules) – Worth $2,000
  • Life-Changing Weekly coaching calls – Value: $1,800
  • Weekly group support and accountability checks – Worth $1,200
  • Exclusive mentoring group on WhatsApp – Worth $200

Total value: $5,200

Now, there’s no way I’m going to let you pay that much… No!

But, if you’re ready to transform yourself and become a lady of daring confidence, and drive…

Your investment for the entire THE RADIANT LIFE PROGRAM is just:



And to even sweeten this deal for you, if you sign up within the next 24hrs…

You only pay $50!!!

Fast Action Bonus: The REAL ME Affirmation eBook (Value: $200)

This book is a vault of life-altering positive affirmations that’ll give you the right mindset to take on life and the challenges that come with it.

These affirmations will help you make positive changes, take charge of your thoughts, and ultimately change your life.

Read them every morning and get the right pump to take on your day!


Here’s a quick rundown of everything you are getting today:

  • The Radiant Life 6-Week Transformation Program by Coach Margaret (All 4 modules) – Worth $2,000
  • Life-Changing Weekly coaching calls – Value: $1,800
  • Weekly group support and accountability checks – Worth $1,200
  • Exclusive mentoring group on WhatsApp – Worth $200
  • FAST ACTION BONUS: The REAL ME Affirmation eBook. Worth: $200

Total value: $5,400

Your investment today: $50 only


To sign up now, click the button below.

Now for a moment, forget about the fee and think about this…

Can you visualize how better your life would be when you become a human magnet for all the great things you desire?

Wouldn't that be the best thing ever?

If you were asked to place a price tag on it, what amount would be enough to compete with the power and drive that’ll be engineered into your mind—after this program?

You see…

This is absolutely invaluable and trust me…

If I had this same opportunity when I started my journey, I would grab it with both hands.

But my hope is that you take the bold step today, to make yourself and your future proud.

What’s more?

Your Investment in Radiant Life 6-Week Transformation Program is Covered by 100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m super confident that after this program, you’ll be transformed into a confident, focused and happy lady.


I’m backing all these claims with a 100% money-back guarantee.

If you sign up for this program and after the first week you feel it was a total waste of time and money, just hit me up and I will return every single dime you must have invested into this program.


I can bet my name and reputation (my most valued possession) on this…

The Radiant Life Program will change your life forever.

That’s my bold guarantee.

And to get started now, click the button below to join now.

Can’t wait to meet you on the inside.

A new life awaits you.


Her Royal Poshness

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