Are you a mature (35+) single woman?

Discover how to show up powerfully, confidently and radiantly.

Date: SUNDAY, 29th April, 2024

Time: 7PM (GMT +1)

Venue: Facebook

Imagine moving from










Your Self-Actualisation Coach.

Hi I’m Margaret Amu, and I am all about helping matured single women accentuate their inner and physical beauty. I work with them to discover who they really are so that they can:
  • Show up powerfully
  • Grow in confidence
  • Create impact and wealth
  • Feel good about themselves

Let's work together

One-On-One Coaching

It’s time to make big changes for you to show up to life powerfully. The one-on-one coaching provides you with the opportunity to work with me to discover who you really are; so that you can feel good about yourself and move forward confidently to become a person of influence and create wealth.

Group Coaching

Our coaching community has an ability to help mature, single women see their worth and true identity apart from how they are seen by others. We work together in a safe and deeply transformative environment to help women move into the ‘I am loved, I am enough, I am powerful,’ place in their heart. Together we find freedom from the fear of being alone and begin to live powerfully.

It's time to meet the real you

Our lives stem from identity – a full understanding of who we really are. Through structured programs, I help mature single women uncover their true passions, live confidently and show up to life powerfully..

You will reconnect with who you really are. This reconnection empowers you to act with courage and clarity.

What Participants Have To Say

I meant this great Queen at the right time. I was almost taking my life because my relatioship did not work out. But on the very day. I spoke to this wonderful woman of God. Now I am living a purposeful life UNASHAMED.


Good evening Ma, even though I joined the meeting late yesterday, the little I got from you gave me peace and fulfilment like I never had for a long time. I slept like a baby without having disturbing thoughts in my head. 

Thank you so much and may God bless you for saying YES to this call.


You are a big source of joy, happiness, inspiration and strength. God bless you richly for bringing many out of depression, fear, timidity and lack of courage and inabilities

Kathy N

From what I learnt from the last edition of the Matured Single Ladies Programme, I am now able to focus on finding my purpose, walking in my purpose and finishing my purpose.

Stephanie S. Agashua

I am now able to dream again. My dreams that I believed I could never achieve because of the experiences I went through are coming alive again. I am happier now knowing that I can achieve my dreams and working towards making them happen. It’s giving so much joy and excitement.

Anna Ajino

I am discovering who I am and learning to live my life for me rather than other people’s expectations of me. I am standing up for myself more rather than being ashamed.

Christiana Simon

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